Read what drives us to be the best RV Swapping and RV Rental media outlet.


The privately owned, Iowa based company, founded by Iowa resident John Schwien in 2017, ranks as the nation’s fastest growing media publisher and classified ad listing service for RV rentals, RV swapping, RV accessories, RV maintenance courses, certifications, insurance and services.

Aside from its published coverage of timely stories surrounding the RV industry FlowRV lets people connect directly with RV owners, RV dealers, RV fleet operators and RV service providers, through its unique communications platform, creating significant cost-savings for people who rent or swap RV’s via FlowRV.



FlowRV’s mission is driven by the spirit of building great, lifelong moments and memories of adventure in the great outdoors.

By enabling merchants to reach an entirely new audience of people in the RV lifestyle, FlowRV is a market mover, both on the map and on the books.

In empowering the customer with advanced Internet tools and apps our easy-to-use onboarding process, User Interface (UI) and User eXperience (UX), FlowRV puts total control of the next great adventure into the hands of the Renter. Consumers control more than just their budget and rental process but FlowRV also lets consumers select by location, using interactive maps from any desktop, laptop and mobile device.


The company is built with innovations like our unique set of cost efficiencies designed to earn advertisers more and help renters save on their RV adventure.

With a small, highly-effective team operating the entire services, even at peak season in the U.S., FlowRV is a scalable operation whose framework improves over time, and even more so during peak periods of increased traffic and requests.

Our Product and R&D teams are continually working to build upon the most exciting and flexible toolset for people to experience the best in the RV world.

With the dramatic rise of popularity and demand for RVs, there is a growing market of people looking to buy, swap or rent RVs, and the related services they require. And as such, the increased demand for higher quality experiences is a natural result, and that rise drives us to continually innovate to bring people to the places they want to go, to make the most out of life and the great outdoors, in comfort and style.


Mr. Schwien, the company’s founder, spent decades in the heavy vehicle manufacturing industry, before shifting his focus and energy to the RV business and launching FlowRV.

“I thought a great deal about working Americans and the vehicle rental business,” Schwien said, recalling his RV rental foundations back to his own experiences as a renter of RVs. “While there will always be a need for factories to produce heavy vehicles for work or leisure, the RV Rental market has been held back by various issues. Fortunately advancing technologies are helping to enable many more business opportunities in this niche.” John said. “Of course,” he added, “to do that, all I had to do was be among the early adopters to recognize and capitalize on an untapped media niche in the motorhome rental space and the swapping circuit.”

FlowRV, Since 2017

Schwien’s family-friendly, wholesome-oriented business culture is one of the key values at FlowRV. One of the keys to FlowRV’s acceleration and high-growth trajectory is being aggressively proactive about voicing its values to raise the benchmarks and improve the standards. “In addition to anticipating the market and correcting small issues, preventing them from becoming larger problems,” he said, “we are motivated by a passionate desire to see the entire experience of going on an RV Adventure, be awesome.”


friendship form during road trips and rv vacations

Just as important as our media offerings, our community is what makes this entire venture even possible. As Mr. Schwien put it, “Our members are the world’s greatest group of super fans.” He continued, “Their contributions, through their discussions, questions and suggestions, have built a genuine mega crowd that lives in real-time and is impacting the industry in positive ways.”

As the company’s internal operating documents and procedures make clear, the real business relationships and world-class experiences that are created through FlowRV are first and foremost thanks to the amazing people whose input are shaping the best online source for options when it comes to information about renting an RV or any accessory, product or service.

From its articles and tutorials to its videos, infographics FlowRV provides the very finest in clear, easy-to-do, useful content about RV swapping and the rental RV industry.